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I give online French lessons for both children and adults.

I teach with humor!


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French classes


I am a friendly native French teacher, and my specialty is teaching French to beginner children!

I give French lessons for both children and adults.

Online lessons

I teach French via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger and other modes of communication.


A French lesson with me lasts 30 or 60 minutes.


I provide French lessons for children starting from the age of 10, and I enjoy explaining grammar and pronunciation in a simple and humorous way!

All levels

I teach French for all levels, with a specialization in teaching beginners, especially children.

For new learners, I explain the French language very simply, translating every word and providing French phonetics in English so that you can understand everything right away.

French is easy!

French exams

I also prepare for French exams such as the AP French exam, the TEF or the DELF, which I am very familiar with.

I can also assist you with other exams based on your needs.

As a native French teacher, I offer two key advantages to my students preparing for a French exam, particularly in the oral component.

Firstly, I provide authentic language practice and guidance to enhance their pronunciation, fluency, and oral communication skills.

Secondly, I offer personalized coaching, focusing on exam-specific strategies and content, ensuring students feel confident and well-prepared for the oral examination.

Individual / group

I offer individual or group French lessons.

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The prices for French lessons online with me are listed here.

Questions - answers

A French lesson lasts either 30 or 60 minutes, and based on my experience, this duration has proven to be very effective for adults and children aged 10 and above.

For children between 7 and 10 years old, I offer 45-minute lessons at most.

I am French and I help you to speak fluent French.

Your will have the confidence to speak French!

All this will be useful to travel, study at a university, live in France or pass a French exam (AP French, DELF).

I have been teaching French as a foreign language since 2014.

My experience:

  • teaching French grammar and pronunciation
  • preparing for the French exam DELF
  • homework and many subjects like History, Mathematics, Literature (in French) for school in France or French-speaking countries

I teach with humor and positivity, that’s why your child will feel immediately comfortable speaking French.

Moreover, I know how to explain French grammar, pronunciation in English, so your child will understand everything!

I use French textbooks written in English.

In the lesson I translate and write all the French words into English.

Everything will be immediately understandable and your child will speak French quickly –

maybe too quickly!

I can teach French to beginners in English.

I can also teach French in Russian and I speak a little Bulgarian!

Free trial lesson!

I am offering a free 15-minute trial French lesson.

It’s important to me to get to know the children, evaluate their proficiency level in the French language, and demonstrate to them how I conduct the lessons in practice!