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With my online classes, you will be very prepared and you WILL pass DELF exam!


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French lessons - DELF

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French classes - DELF


With me, you will obtain a French diploma!

As a native French teacher from France, I know the French culture and daily life very well.

In addition to the French language, I can help you understand our traditions, our way of life.

With my online classes, you will be very prepared and you WILL pass this French exam!

My style of tutoring, for this exam as well as for the AP French exam, is full of humour and positive encouragement.

With French jokes as part of our revision, you will not fail to remember French and feel even confident enough to be funny – in French !

With me, you will obtain a French diploma!

Online lessons

I teach via Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Zoom, and through other communication methods.

Thanks to Skype, you can prepare for the DELF exam anywhere and anytime, saving time.

Additionally, screen sharing is possible, and you’ll have access to all the necessary documents for the test.

You can also record the lesson, which is very convenient for further independent work after the session.


A French lesson for DELF with me lasts 60 minutes.

DELF format

The diploma DELF ‘diplôme d’études en langue française’ is recognized throughout the world and is valid for life.

Depending on the level passed, the DELF can facilitate access to university in France, Europe or a French-speaking country.

Did you know university in France is almost FREE OF CHARGE ?

If you can pass this exam, you are eligible to apply to these schools and save yourself (or your parents) a lot of money. 

There are three group tests where other candidates take the test at the same time, in the same room, and an individual test where each candidate is alone in front of two examiners.

Each test is graded out of 25 points.

To obtain the diploma, you must have at least a 50%.

 You must have a minimum of 20% per test.

One grade below 20% means you are eliminated!

A1 : I can communicate in a simple oral and written way about my daily life, I can introduce myself or someone else.

A2 : I can communicate in a simple way in written and spoken form on familiar matters concerning my environment..

B1: I can understand and communicate in travel situations, I can interact with native speakers in simple conversations.

B2 : I can understand and express myself in a clear and detailed way, I can communicate with ease on a wide range of subjects.

The DELF B2 is a diploma that is often required to study at university and work in France.

For this exam, it is necessary to speak alone for 10 minutes on a current topic in France and then to do an interview.


For many years, I have been helping children pass the DELF exam!

I can explain French grammar in English and translate everything, so children feel comfortable and everything is clear to them!

Individual / group

I offer individual or group French lessons.


The prices for DELF preparation online with me are listed here.

Free trial lesson!

I offer a free 15-minute trial lesson in French.

It’s important to me to get to know the children, evaluate their proficiency level in the French language, and demonstrate to them how I conduct the DELF lessons in practice!