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To pass the AP French exam, you need to know about French culture!


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Native French tutor

I am a native French teacher online from Normandy, France.

I can help you improve your pronunciation, reading and listening skills. And, of course, you will be well prepared for the oral part of the exam – speaking so much French, and quickly, that you will annoy your parents with the new, ‘secret’ language!

You will also learn the French that is used in everyday life as well as popular expressions or idioms, so you don’t sound only like a classroom robot !!

Even though the AP French exam doesn’t have directly grammatical questions, I can drill grammar points if needed, in a fun and positive way, to help you feel confident in all tenses. We will conquer the subjunctive with jokes !!

To pass the AP French exam, you need to know about French culture. France is my country, and I will help you to understand the French customs, traditions and way of life.

I offer a unique perspective as a French teacher and student myself of culture and languages, as my passion lies in always learning how to best continue teaching. I study online myself with native teachers of English and Bulgarian – so I know that it works !

With me, you will be sure of your abilities in French and you will be ready to not only pass the exam, but score highly so you can get the most out of university. Save your parents money, please !!

I teach French via Skype, Zoom with humor, so you will progress quickly while having fun, besides I will be happy to familiarize you with French jokes!

My style of tutoring, for this exam as well as for the French exam DELF, is full of positive encouragement.

The AP test is timed, and this is one of the greatest challenges for most students, but after classes with me, you will be relaxed and confident, and likely beating the clock with much time to spare !

Your first assignment now is to contact me, in French of course!

Online French lessons

I teach via Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Zoom, and through other communication methods.

Thanks to Skype, you can prepare for the AP French exam anywhere and anytime, saving time.

Additionally, screen sharing is possible, and you’ll have access to all the necessary documents for the test.

You can also record the lesson, which is very convenient for further independent work after the session.


An French lesson for AP French lasts 60 minutes.

AP French exam

Advanced Placement French Language and Culture, also known as AP French, is a class that lets US high school students earn credit for a college-level French class.

The exam is 3 hours long, of multiple choice and free response questions. 

In the multiple choice section, your passive French is examined, including listening and reading.

First, the questions are about newspaper articles or train schedules. Next, the questions are based on audio clips perhaps with accompanying texts. You will hear the audio is played two times.

Free response part of the exam is where your more active French is tested, speaking and writing. Responding to an email comes first.

After, the next task is a formal essay about an article, graph or table and audio clip. You are given 40 minutes to complete the essay, all while jotting down notes and examining the given media.

Finally, the exam tests your spoken French – the most important part! You will be given a simulated conversation, and you have to respond to consecutive questions.

For the second portion, you will be delivering a presentation that shows your understanding of French and Francophone culture. 

Individual / group

I offer individual or group French lessons.


The prices for AP French preparation online with me are listed here.

Free trial lesson!

I offer a free 15-minute trial lesson in French.

It’s important to me to get to know the students, evaluate their proficiency level in the French language, and demonstrate to them how I conduct the AP French lessons in practice!